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About Us

Observe Care is a CQC registered home care provider with offices based in London, Manchester, and Gillingham. We provide home care services, personal care, live-in care, and care home agency supplier. We strive to give compassionate, dependable care of the highest quality while maintaining extremely competitive rates. Everything we do is to meet the individual needs of our clients. Whether you need a little help or a lot of help, you will find that Observe Care is always above the best. Observe Care is specialist, compassionate, professional, dependable, and flexible.

Why you Need Us

Require professional care services:

  • Extra help in taking medications.
  • In-home adult care.
  • Break respite for family and friends.
  • Help when you are working or at night. 
  • We value the health of our service users so they can experience impeccable delivery of our home care services.

Grab interest

Observe Care Ltd is a health-care service provider located in London. It comprises well-trained and compassionate professionals who are dedicated to responding to any type of health care emergency through vigilant assessment, intervention, support, and rehabilitation. We providenursing services to all types of patients, ranging from minor illnesses to serious health conditions. Our patients are equally valuable to us regardless of the seriousness of their conditions. We believe all our patients deserve the most careful attention and our mission statement appropriately aligns with our beliefs. Our major services include: Ambulatory care, Acute care, Cesarean section care, and Adult daycare. Please visit our facility or call us on 07411821423 for inquiries, access to our services, or more information.

Care plans/how we function (Generate excitement)

In order to support the people who trust in our abilities, we use personalized care plans. These care plans are tailored according to the needs of each individual. Our care plans are designed to ensure the comfort and benefits of our clients. We make sure our clients are treated with respect. It of utmost importance to us to ensure their independence in terms of their needs and wants.

Our goals

To us, nothing is more important than the satisfaction of our clients. So, similarly,our sole objective is to create an environment for our customers that is peaceful and loving. Our services consider the resident’s psychological, medical and social needs. We take time and whatever it takes to carefully analyze each resident’s needs and provide quality treatment. One of our goals is to ensure that their stay is comfortable and worthwhile. We focus our nursing care on compassion and kindness. We also provide the dear ones of our senior clients with accurate information regarding their health and progress on a regular basis.