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Hospital Discharge

Is the process of an individual being sent from hospital to the comfort of their own home?

Recovery After Illness or Hospitalization

After an illness, operation or hospitalization, a senior will require a more expert level of care than what a family caregiver may feel equipped to offer. In these cases, Observe Care can offer a professional care giver, helping your loved one to heal faster, preventing complications, and giving peace of mind.

Hospital discharge planning can feel long, drawn out and emotional for all family members involved. For many people, a period in hospital will leave them with lower fitness levels than before their admission. We are frequently asked by families for short term or long-term home care after hospital discharge to help a loved one settle into a home routine once more.

We work collaboratively with multi-agencies to meet achievable outcome for accessing community healthcare (CHC), and ensure safe, quality service provision as part of our culture. 

Our aim is to continuously improve people’s experience, and in doing so we have the appropriate mechanism in place to obtain regular feedback and act upon them in a timely manner with the best outcome.