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Dementia is a general term used to describe a collection of symptoms that leads to loss of memory and decline in the ability to think. On the other hand, Alzheimer’s is a kind of Dementia that affects the memory and thinking pattern of a person. If not supervised, these symptoms can become severe enough to impede an individual’s everyday activities.

Observe Care Ltd. provides special care programs to help people struggling with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s or Dementia currently has no cure. However, proper care and supervision can make a huge difference in the patient’s quality of life. Our caregivers are specifically trained to make concise treatment plans and programs for the patients. Our caregivers implement different strategies and techniques to progress with different patients.

What Roles do Observe Care Ltd play to help Alzheimer’s or Dementia patients?

Our live-in care programs are designed according to the requirements and needs of the patients. It can range from a few hours a week of support & assistance to 24 hours assistance. Our caregivers are trained professionally to provide various kinds of assignments to the patients which can help to evaluate their progress. We also provide help for simple tasks, such as housekeeping, shopping, companionship, and so forth.

We also provide day programs or adult daycare facilities to offer a wide range of activities. This helps them to socialize with others facing same problems. We make sure to create a positive and enthusiastic environment for our patients. Being in a positive environment helps to improve their condition and keep their symptoms in control. Observe Care Ltd. includes programs that specialize in dementia care.

Observe Care Ltd. also provides Respite Care for dementia patients. It gives the loved ones of the patients, an opportunity to rest and take a break. Our trained providers communicate with the patient, and can also provide help in activities like: Bathing, dressing up, eating, taking medication, exercise, and more.

Other than the above, we also provide the following services that can come can be helpful when looking after a Dementia/Alzheimer’s patient:

 Personal Care

 Nursing Services

 Light Housekeeping

 Home Safety

 Meal preparation

 Medication management

 Caring for adults under 65 years old.

 Caring for adults above 65 years old.

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