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Physical disability, in simple terms, is a health/physical disorder that impacts the physical capacity of an individual. This involves various physical impairments, cerebral paralysis, brain or spinal cord injuries, as well as hearing and visual difficulties. On the other hand, a learning disability is a type of neurological condition. Children or adults struggling with learning disabilities face challenges with reading and writing, information organization, and more.

Most of the physical/learning disabilities cannot be cured permanently. It can, however, be kept under control with careful intervention and care. Making that intervention and the task of taking special care easy and worthwhile is what Observe Care Ltd aspires.

It can be physically and emotionally demanding for a career to look after someone with a physical/ learning disability. The process of taking care is extremely crucial and has to be done properly. That’s why it is always recommended to get professional help when it comes to taking care of a vulnerable one. A significant part of the caregiver’s job is to ensure the person being

cared for has the best possible quality of life by helping them to be independent. Observe Care Ltd is devoted to providing care to the ones in need of it. We do not discriminate among our patients. Our goal is simple: to spread happiness, help, and support. We are extremely sensitive when it comes to our clients. Our care providers are passionate about and deeply dedicated to their jobs. We do not tolerate any act of unprofessionalism.

What roles do Observe Care Ltd play to help people with physical/learning disabilities?

Observe Care is dedicated to design and implement specialized plans for each patient depending on their condition, nature, and needs. Our goal is to ensure the comfort of our clients and help them be as independent as possible under vigilant supervision.

Our services also include the following:

 Live-in Care: Observe Care Ltd. Provides professional Live-in care to the customers. The live-in care facilities can be tailor-made according to the needs of the patients as well as their family’s. Through Live-in care, we try to ensure the best fate of our patients at their homes. This facility helps to ensure the patient is receiving the necessary treatment & care, and living an independent & comfortable life at home at the same time.

 Home Care Services: Observe care offers customized services including help with day to day household chores, shopping, hospital visits, meal collection, and delivery services.

 Personal Care: Personal care is meant to provide assistance with dressing, feeding washing, toileting, and so on. Personal care also comes with psychological assistance, such as- encouragement, advice, emotional and psychological support. 

 Light Domestic Cleaning: Not only do we provide health-care and treatment services, but also we make sure our patients are living in a tranquil ambiance. Through the light domestic cleaning service, we make sure your loved one is enjoying peace of mind that comes with a clean and uncluttered home. Our professional caregivers offer light housekeeping and domestic duties in order to ensure a safe and clean environment for our patients.

You can call us at 07957773016 or 07824678578, or email us info@obscare.co.uk to know more.